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We provide efficient solutions for your supply chain process, introduce innovative software, and establish best practices in planning, employee safety, and communication. The AIS service provides efficient solutions for your supply chain process, introduces innovative software, and establishes best practices in planning, employee safety, and communication.

You can expect all of the following services when you partner with Alpha Industrial Solutions:

Spares and Material Management

Our innovative services are revolutionizing the spares and material management field. We provide efficiency by offering agile turnaround time on purchase orders, highly organized tracking software, and the full and complete attention of our highly trained professionals that are dedicated to maximize your return on investment.

  • Experience efficiency and maximizing your project time-scope.

  • Enjoy the benefit of our excellent relationships with suppliers.

  • Our highly trained professionals are dedicated to your timeline.

Material Inspection & Audits

We manage materials, spares and test equipment for all equipment packages to be used during new build construction, hook-up and commissioning, both onshore and offshore.

  • We identify what items require preservation in accordance with industry best practices.

  • We identify the “footprint” of items for warehouse space planning.

  • We maintain equipment and ensure that it aligns with the highest safety standards.

Offshore Logistics & Customs

Our expertise and extensive background in logistics grants our clients seamless planning and customs coordination stages.

  • We arrange for all necessary export and import routing and documentation.

  • We create bill of lading and customs documentation.

  • We provide transportation and logistics management for equipment worldwide.

Site Area Management

Our clients are provided with a certified on-site area manager who will assist with equipment management and other logistical concerns.

  • Manage the receipt, inventory, and make-ready of project material and equipment.

  • Manage inbound and outbound materials, equipment, and set prioritization between project stakeholders to formulate a critical path plan.

  • Collect and catalog all manifests for tracking and record keeping.

Equipment Rental

We supply some of the highest quality rental equipment in the industry, complementing our material management sector, as well as other project or site-specific requirements.

  • Our high quality rental equipment meets all industry safety requirements.

  • Ready availability of rental equipment ensures zero wait time for all project needs.

  • We offer gas booster pumps, containers of various sizes, baskets, racks, offshore tool boxes and much more.

Inventory Management

We follow rigorous guidelines to ensure organization in inventory management to maximize your footprint usage, return on investment and identify waste.

  • We regularly complete process audits, ensuring workflow efficiency.

  • We reduce footprint usage by removing damaged or unneeded items.

  • Capitalize on the value of goods while reducing costs of unused inventory.

AlphaPods Shipping & Storage Containers

Used for offshore and onshore alike, AlphaPods are the solution to containing and preserving inventory, while effectively managing inventory organization.

  • Customizable HVAC containers maximize your space requirements.

  • Our high-quality, temperature-controlled containers keep equipment preserved and securely stored.

  • Reduce equipment costs by preventing damage and weather related wear and tear.

Vendor Management & Tracking

We provide service excellence and mitigate risk to gain increased value from vendors throughout the project life cycle to ensure on-time project completion.

  • Identification and establishment of project goals.

  • Centralized data storage solutions for managing vendor data.

  • Reduce potential risks related to scheduling conflicts.

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